About our services.

PC Sales:

We sell most of the top brands in pc names as well as budget equipment. From pre build PC's to Keyboards, mice and speakers. At the moment we dont have a shop to walk around in,
but we have a digital shop and our sales team is standing by to help over emails or call.

Hardware Service Agreement:

We offer a service level agreement for customers that does not need a fulltime IT Technician,
but wants one on retainer. there are differant pricing as the need and desire changes. Quotes are done after a site survey.

Repairs and maintenance:

You can however book in your fualty equipment and our skilled technicians will take a look. If it is not repairable we will supply you with a letter for the insurance and you take the equipment back. If its repairable we will quote anything above a certain threshold, to be stated by the technician.

Domain registration:

Domain registration is the first step to create your online Identity. this is a yearly renewable subscription to keep your website address. because there can only be one address it is important to reserve your's as soon as possable.

Domain hosting:

After Regestering your website address, it must be hosted somewhere for the public to be able to access it. this is a monthly investment and we offer a range of options that will suite your needs and your wallet.

Web design & maintenance:

designing a website is only the first battle in the ongoing war to stay relevant in this ever changing world. that is why we dont just design websites. We maintain them, Keep them fresh and make sure the public can find you on the internet.

Our promise.

Mobile sites:

Mobile sites should not cost you extra. We believe that you should be accessible to the public no matter what device they use. All sites designed by us is fully mobile compatible no matter what package you’re on.

99% online:

Our server backbone is in a stable and secure facility. which means that you’re site will be online and accessible to the public when others may suffer from down time. We do however stay in the real world so anything can happen.

No setup fees:

You only pay the monthly instalment which can be done by debit order and the yearly domain registration. Compare our packages and see what you’re monthly fee will be. The design process can be done VIA email and phone, but you are more than welcome to arrange a meeting at our office.

Billing done in ZAR

Contact Details

88 van belkum
Rustenburg Oos-Einde
082 529 7402

We are inside of Platinium Business Park at
7 Boron Street, Unit 7

Dirk Broderick

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